Photographer Gary Laug About the Photographer

Gary Laug started Stock Photography while living in New Zealand in 1999. Prior to Stock Photography, he spent over 25 years in all types of construction, from swimming pools, commercial, residential as well as high-rise apartments.

Gary's hobby has always been water related. Over the years, he has gone from a Bass Boat to a Cabin Cruiser enjoying the special advantages each boat offers for fishing, diving and cruising. Gary spends 2 -3 weeks every year in the Bahamas and another couple of weeks in the Florida Keys.

Gary enjoys taking pictures with a special perspective based on his own experiences. He specializes in leisure time activities, especially water related. He has three grandchildren that share his love of the outdoors and water, so you will see them many times in his children shots.

Gary's wife travels frequently for business, and quite often Gary accompanies her. This gives him an opportunity to have a wide range of travel pictures.

Leisure Shots

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